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The myth that African hair is ‘bad hair’ that cannot grow or cannot be properly managed has been around for far too long. The ever changing and evolving world has broken this myth as so many Africans/African Descent in the world have mastered the science of growing their hair as long as to hip bone length and beyond.
The inability to grow long healthy hair has been largely due to poor information about understanding the uniqueness of our hair, poorly trained hair care providers and lack of proper hair products and poor use of these hair products.
Hairgineering Dynasty is a company established to sell quality hair products and to educate Nigerian and Africans as a whole about the uniqueness of their hair, how to properly care for our hair and the effective way to use these hair products to achieving healthy long natural hair.

Thank you and Happy Shopping!

Engr. Oyinkansola Sangodoyin-Aladeokin MNSE